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Manuel Contreras García
Colegiado T-2296

  • Degree in Psychology Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
  • Degree in Labour Sciences Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
  • Extensive experience working as a therapist in individual therapy, couples and families, children, adolescents, adults and seniors
  • Academic degree recognized in Germany as "Diplom-Psychologe/UOC"
  • Spanish, English and German
  • Several specialization courses in Psychology

About me

In 1972 I was born into a family of 5 children in Madrid. I have lived in Germany for over 10 years and traveled through several countries across Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. Accustomed to living in different cultures and with people of different nationalities, my own family has been formed within a multicultural context. Because of this, I have extensive experience in family systemic therapy, couples and individuals affected by the cultural uprooting and difficulties in adjusting to a new country or city, far from home. I'm also experienced in managing interpersonal relationship conflicts with people from other cultures or different countries. I have a genuine interest in interpersonal relationships, communication in all relationship areas, as well as respect and consideration for others.